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By AIM Education & Training

Many degrees and qualifications push job seekers down a narrow career path. They refine their skills and knowledge so much in one specific area that there really isn't much wriggle room for diversification. Even with a Bachelor's degree, majoring often means forgoing the potential to redirect your career path once you get your qualification.

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By AIM Education & Training

While better products, services, strategies and technologies can provide an initial competitive advantage, they can be copied over time. An engaged workforce, on the other hand, is a sustainable competitive edge that can lead to significant returns on investment, company value and long-term stability.

There is a famous joke that tells of a CEO being asked how many people work in his company, to which they reply: "About half of them". While it tends to elicit laughter, it's ironically indicative of the state of employee engagement in the world today.

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By AIM Education & Training

Not everyone with a great idea for a small business is necessarily a born leader. There's a clear distinction between coming up with a great product or service and managing the staff who will create and sell it. They're two completely separate skill sets.

This is why some budding entrepreneurs need to lay a bit of groundwork before they can jump into being successful executives. They need to think critically about the future, plan carefully and develop their leadership skills. If they do all of the above correctly, they may be able to turn a great product into a thriving small business.

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By AIM Education & Training

What do leading companies such as Google, Apple and SAP have in common in the way they view their workforce? They know that one of the fastest growing demographics within is burnt out leaders. This is why leading companies around the globe are introducing mindfulness programs into their leadership development so they can stop the rot and help their leaders to achieve their potential.

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By AIM Education & Training

It's not always easy to develop the star employees of today into the business leaders of tomorrow. The truth is that performing well at work and leading other performers are two completely different skills. Even if someone is a great worker, there's no guarantee they'll be able to inspire others to become the same.

Therefore, savvy employers know to have an infrastructure specifically focused on leadership development, distinct from the development of other employee skills. Forget the clichés about being a "born leader" - in the real world, leadership is developed over time through detail-oriented learning and hard work.

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By AIM Education & Training Executive Director Sales & Marketing, Matt Cavalier

By now we’re used to hearing that Australia is in transition. Economically, that is.

The Government has placed transitioning to a new economy at the heart of its agenda.

Exactly where we’re going and what lies ahead remains somewhat of a mystery but, like it or not, we are all on the move.

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By Ben Ready at MBA News

For more than 75 years, the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has been developing leadership and management programs that provide Australia’s business leaders with the practical skillsets and industry-based knowledge they need to drive their organisations forward.

Like many business schools of the era, the early methodologies of AIM post-WWII were based in the teachings of scientific management but there were indications of an appetite for innovation in the way AIM’s programs were taught.

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Time Management

By Alison Vidotto

Leadership is a large responsibility; it comes with many aspects, including strategic planning, strong communication, sharing of the vision and purpose, to name just a few. For many small business owners, it also includes a hands on management role. We juggle both positions and the tasks involved are often numerous.

Our to-do list can be ever increasing with so many tasks and distractions demanding our attention. How do we keep on top of it all? 

The key is our time management capabilities.

As both a leader and a manager you need to be able to manage your time efficiently. It will make a huge difference to how smoothly your business is run and how effectively you can lead. 

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By AIM Education and Training

The AIM Business School is proud to present the first and second episode of our new AIM Business School podcast series: Conversations with Thought Leaders.

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By AIM Education & Training CEO Peter Mobbs

At our recent Beyond the Boardroom in Canberra, a point of discussion was around the current government’s innovation agenda, which is now placing new pressures on the public sector in Australia. Innovation means being more agile, responsive and open to new ways of doing things, which in any business or organisation of scale has its inherent difficulties so the challenge for the public sector is significant.


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