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The Australian Institute of Management is the peak body for managers and leaders. For 75 years, AIM has been helping people become better managers, and managers become great leaders. With more than 11,000 Members, AIM is the go-to organisation for professional managers and leaders.

We passionately believe that leadership matters. We believe that great managers and leaders make decisions that impact people’s lives and that this impact is felt well beyond the workplace.

AIM Members are a diverse, dynamic group of professional people from all business sectors, and all corners of Australia. Together, they contribute a vast amount of expertise, energy and passion to our organisation. In turn, they reap the rewards that come with being part of such a powerful network.

Join AIM and you can instantly join a network to become a better manager and better leader for a better society – and get connected on a whole new level.

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AIM is a community of like-minded professionals, who share a common desire to lift the bar for Australia’s business leaders. Being an AIM Member means you’re not only at the forefront of Australia’s managers and leaders, you have a chance to shape its future.

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