• Finance for Non-Finance Managers
    The Finance for Non-Finance Managers short course provides a practical guide to analysing financial data and understanding the implications of financial performance. It introduces all aspects of financial management from planning through to budget review and reporting on financial outcomes. *Now available in Parramatta, NSW.
  • Finance Fundamentals
    This short course helps you understand the fundamentals of finance such as interpreting financial reports, recognising the impact of financial strategies and communicating effectively with finance professionals. With this knowledge, you'll gain the confidence you deal with financial information and transactions.
  • Frontline Leadership
    The Frontline Leadership short course provides an introduction to people leadership in the context of frontline teams. Exploring critical success factors in establishing credibility as a frontline leader, it will assist you to identify and develop your unique leadership style.
  • HR Essentials
    The HR Essentials short course provides you with an end-to-end exploration of all facets of human resource management. Covering everything from strategic initiatives to HR service delivery, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills in managing all aspects of the employment lifecycle.
  • Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement
    The Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement short course harnesses skills in innovative thinking, as well as identifying, analysing and driving opportunities for organisational improvement.
  • Introduction to Accounting
    The Introduction to Accounting short course is designed to introduce you to the accounting requirements for Australian organisations. Focusing on the skills to report on financial activity, you will learn key accounting concepts and terminology, the legislative reporting requirements and how to interpret financial data to make business recommendations.
  • Introduction to Projects
    The Introduction to Projects short course provides you with an overview of the tools, techniques and resources you need to plan, develop and implement projects. Covering the phases of the project lifecycle, it provides insight into project planning, budget preparation, stakeholder management, schedule management and project closure and review.
  • Key Account Management
    The Key Account Management short course will provide you with the tools and techniques to develop and implement tailored key account management strategies for your organisation.
  • Negotiating Skills
    The Negotiating Skills short course explores a variety of proven techniques that you can use in your negotiations with others. It equips you with practical tools for managing negotiations and achieving win/win solutions.