• Workplace Safety
    This short course will equip you with a solid understanding of workplace safety standards and practices, including the Work Health and Safety legislation. Learn strategies for promoting awareness and cooperation among staff and gain the tools to create and implement an effective and sustainable work health and safety framework in your workplace.
  • RISA Induction - Standard 11 Surface
    This program is for new workers in the resources industry. This induction provides you with 6 mandatory units of competency for open cut (surface) coal mining.
  • Provide First Aid
    Provide First Aid is a comprehensive course for everyday emergency situations. You will learn the fundamental principles of first aid.
  • Low Voltage Rescue
    The Low Voltage Rescue Course provides you with the skills to manage the danger of accidental electrocution. Recertification period is twelve months.
  • CPR Refresher
    This course provides the knowledge and skills required to maintain life in an unconscious casualty until medical help arrives.
  • Supervision for the Resources Sector
    This program is about you, the people in your crew and what it means to be a supervisor. This program is about the competencies that you may need to hold to be a supervisor - these things are important and are required in some positions – however if you want your crew to respect you as their supervisor you need to focus on getting the people side right. (This unit of competency has been specified by the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Board.)
  • G2- Risk Management Training
    This course covers the skills and knowledge required to carry out risk management processes in the coal and metalliferous mining industries. It includes: determining the risk management process; identifying hazards; assessing risk; identifying unacceptable risk and potential actions; deciding on, implementing or facilitating of actions; reviewing the implementation of action; auditing the risk management process and completing records and reports. (This unit of competency has been specified by the Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Board.)
  • RISA Induction - Standard 11 Surface (Refresher)
    This program is designed for workers in the resources industry who have completed a recognised Standard 11 induction and hold a current Statement of Attainment. This program has been designed for inductees wishing to renew their Standard 11 induction for another 5 years.