• Strategic Leadership
    The Strategic Leadership short course gives you the practical tools and techniques you need to plan for the organisation's future and deliver strategic outcomes. From visioning to business plan execution, you'll learn how to create realistic yet ambitious plans that support the growth and financial sustainability of your organisation.
  • Manage Business Effectively
    The Manage Business Effectively short course puts the spotlight on the manager's role in achieving business outcomes. Whether corporate, government, industry or not-for-profit, this course provides you with the end-to-end processes you need to successfully deliver results while managing operations and driving continuous improvement.
  • Leading With Emotional Intelligence
    This short course teaches you to apply emotional intelligence through a range of tools and techniques. By understanding the science behind communication, you will find new ways to harness your own emotions and those of others – improve decision-making, behaviour and performance as a result.
  • Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement
    The Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement short course harnesses skills in innovative thinking, as well as identifying, analysing and driving opportunities for organisational improvement.
  • Frontline Leadership
    The Frontline Leadership short course provides an introduction to people leadership in the context of frontline teams. Exploring critical success factors in establishing credibility as a frontline leader, it will assist you to identify and develop your unique leadership style.
  • Effective Workplace Relationships
    The Effective Workplace Relationships short course is designed to build your interpersonal skills and assist you in becoming a more effective communicator. Focusing on communication and behaviour, you will learn strategies to be more responsive to others and to foster positive workplace relationships.
  • Contract Management
    The Contract Management short course is designed as a practical guide to managing the implementation and monitoring of contracts. Exploring the contract lifecycle, you will learn the concepts and techniques for tendering, negotiating, managing risk and administering contracts; whilst building sustainable relationships with suppliers.
  • Conflict Resolution
    The Conflict Resolution short course explores the factors that drive conflict and the skills required to effectively intervene and facilitate positive outcomes. It demonstrates a pragmatic approach that will help you deal with and resolve conflict.
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    The Coaching and Mentoring short course focuses on developing the necessary skills to facilitate a learning relationship including implementing a program and reviewing its effectiveness.
  • Change Management
    The Change Management short course takes a look at why people resist change and the skills and qualities you need to effectively manage change. This course provides you with the tools you need to analyse, scope, plan and implement change programs for your business.