• Workforce Relations
    The Workforce Relations short course is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and credibility to manage complex workplace issues. Combining the legal context of business management with the human face of people leadership, this course will enable you to develop robust workplace policies while effectively managing challenging workforce relations.
  • Create Strategic Human Resource Plans
    This short course addresses how to develop, implement and maintain a strategic approach to planning and managing human resources. Your increased ability to identify HR issues and champion improvements will see that HR activities are effectively integrated and aligned with the strategic objectives of your organisation.
  • HR Essentials
    The HR Essentials short course provides you with an end-to-end exploration of all facets of human resource management. Covering everything from strategic initiatives to HR service delivery, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills in managing all aspects of the employment lifecycle.
  • Manage Remuneration and Employee Benefits
    The Manage Remuneration and Employee Benefits short course explores a variety of methodologies for monitoring and evaluating remuneration strategies. This course covers implementing an organisation's remuneration and benefits plans including packaging, salary benchmarking, market rates reviews, bonuses and the legislative aspects of remuneration and employee benefits.
  • Recruitment and Selection
    This program is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and techniques to conduct job analysis, implement candidate attraction strategies, effectively assess candidates and make informed selection choices. This practical program will also introduce effective induction and ongoing development processes designed to ensure you retain key talent when you find it.
  • Workforce Planning
    The Workplace Planning short course teaches you how to effectively evaluate and forecast your organisation's ongoing needs by profiling your workplace, analysing supply and demand, and devising strategies to minimise workforce gaps.
  • Workplace Diversity
    The Workplace Diversity short course provides an honest exploration of the opportunities and challenges inherent to Australia's diverse workplace populations. Building towards the development of meaningful diversity policy, this program will also address the issue of bias and the very real challenges that need to be overcome when creating a truly inclusive workplace.