• Writing Persuasive Documents
    The Writing Persuasive Documents short course develops your talent for producing compelling and influential copy. Exploring a range of techniques and styles, you'll gain the skills you need to express ideas in ways that engage audiences and inspire action.
  • Professional Presentations
    This short course focuses on developing the skills required to plan and deliver effective presentations. You will use a range of tools and techniques to develop your skills in presentation construction, communication and audience engagement.
  • Negotiating Skills
    The Negotiating Skills short course explores a variety of proven techniques that you can use in your negotiations with others. It equips you with practical tools for managing negotiations and achieving win/win solutions.
  • Manage Meetings
    This short course helps you develop the skills required to lead effective and engaging meetings. By learning the factors that influence a meeting's outcomes, you will gain the skills to structure your meetings strategically, manage time wisely and achieve clear results.
  • Effective Communication
    This short course explores the personal impact cycle, and the role that communication plays in perception. You will learn a range of proven communication techniques and strategies, allowing you to develop and maintain successful workplace relationships. *Now available in Parramatta, NSW.
  • Effective Business Writing
    The Effective Business Writing short course provides you with practical tools and techniques to effectively develop professional business communications. This course will enable you to write structured, high quality and engaging workplace documents. *Now available in Parramatta, NSW.
  • Develop a Compelling Business Case
    This short course helps you develop the skills required to formulate strong business cases, as well as other objective-driven submissions.
  • Assertiveness Techniques
    The Assertiveness Techniques short course will provide you with personal insight into the ways in which you respond to different people, situations and events. With a strong focus on communication and behaviour, it gives you tools and techniques to effectively manage your responses and express your views and plans.
  • Analyse and Present Research Information
    The Analyse and Present Research Information short course focuses on practical research methodologies and analysis techniques. It provides an end-to-end exploration from research planning through to analysis and the compilation and presentation of findings.
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
    This short course applies the principles of persuasion and connection to developing and delivering an influential presentation. Participants will learn vital skills in building structured yet engaging presentations that convey ideas and connect with a range of audiences.