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23/03/2017 -
18:00 to 20:00
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Understanding the Imposter Syndrome – Find the Talented Stranger Within

So many people suffering from the feeling of not being good enough, also known as the Imposter Syndrome, don’t recognise their own talents and successes, undermining the possibility of them making their unique contribution. In this keynote, Suzanne explains the Imposter Syndrome, helping individuals recognise the symptoms in themselves (70%) or others they are close to. They can identify the typical coping behaviours and recognise the costs and consequences for their career or business. Suzanne will share some strategies to move beyond the limitations of the imposter syndrome to discover and release the talented stranger within.

•    If you experience the syndrome, you are not alone. a majority of people know the limitations it creates
•    Both genders can suffer from imposter syndrome, however they experience it and deal with it in very different ways
•    The syndrome is neither positive nor negative. The way we cope with it determines its impact on our lives and careers
•    It can block our ability to see our own strengths and capabilities, cause us to pull back when faced with opportunities or to deny us the pleasure of enjoying our own success
•    The imposter syndrome - or the feeling of not being good enough - prevents us from being authentic. it can be exhausting to present ourselves as strong and capable when we don’t believe it.
•    Moving beyond the imposter syndrome is a journey back to you and the value you offer as a leader, business owner and human being.

Speaker Profile

Suzanne Mercier 

Suzanne Mercier is a highly engaging keynote speaker and business woman, an experienced strategist, leadership champion and expert in the area of human potential. Her focus is on identifying and removing the barriers to performance for talented Leaders and Managers within organisations. Her Clients come from a wide variety of industries including shopping centre management, higher education, financial services, technology, heavy equipment, health, fitness, cosmetics, commercial real estate, publishing and professional services.
Through speaking, workshops, consulting and coaching, Suzanne helps businesses and leaders liberate their leadership capability, improve management capability, lift sales results and improve business performance. She is a published author. Suzanne’s most recent book “Liberate Leadership. How the Imposter Syndrome undermines leadership capability and what to do about it” is available on Amazon Kindle. 


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AIM Sydney

AIM Sydney
7 Macquarie Place