Flying in formation: 7 tips for managing team dynamics

Guest post by Karen Gately

How well do the people on your team get along?  Do they trust each other?  Do they respect and value one another?  Now reflect on the impact the quality of relationships across your team has on the performance of your business.  How well are you able to leverage the full potential of your people because they work with a spirit of cooperation?  To what extent are you tapping into the diverse perspectives, skills and experience your team offer because people are able to collaborate?

Building the brains trust: Is your organisation knowledge-driven?

Most of us are too young to remember the BBC radio show The Brains Trust from the 1940s and 50s where experts tried to answer wide-ranging questions sent in from the audience. While the show itself is long gone, the phrase 'brains trust' remains lodged in our collective vocabulary and is still widely used, both sarcastically and sincerely. 

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