Inquiring minds need constant fuel for thought – and at AIM, this is exactly what we’re here to provide.

AIM is the voice of sound leadership and management practice in Australia.  We deliver a constant stream of insights and thought leadership to our Members as well as access to the most comprehensive professional development platform and an unparalleled pool of specialised resources.

Insight Edge

Management and leadership is constantly changing. Even if you’re not actively researching, AIM makes sure you stay in the loop with regular updates – including the existing monthly AIM newsletter, Insight Edge our new policy and advocacy newsletter, and let’s not forget the information-packed bi-monthly AIM Magazine which Members receive free of charge.


AIM Research is dedicated to Thought Leadership in management and leadership practice. AIM periodically publishes key findings of our research activities across five key pillars; Business Management, Diversity, Leadership, Public Sector and Management Capability.  

Professional Development

Access to a rich source of ‘just in time’ and in-depth resources to provide practical support for managers and leaders in the workplace at all stages of their career. Tools include over 250 best practice checklists on key management and leadership topics covering the tasks a manager and leader is most likely to have to address at some stage of their career, video briefings from business leaders, learning journeys to support specific topics and needs, and interactive e-learning materials.


Stay up-to-date with the latest opinion pieces and insights from managers and leaders from across the globe.

Knowledge Centre

One of the greatest benefits of being an AIM Member is the wealth of information that is at your fingertips. The AIM Knowledge Centre is a unique pool of specialised management resources for professionals and it's at your disposal. So whether you're preparing a report or making a critical decision, you can make sure you're fully informed.